Graco Inc.

The right choice for a packaging machine partnership


Seri Makina from Istanbul, Turkey, manufactures an inline series packaging machine which prints & folds corrugated boxes. Depending on the use of different colours, between one and four double diaphragm pumps are used on each machine. An additional double diaphragm pump is needed on the machine for the gluing application.

In the past, other pumps, including locally manufactured pumps, were tested but resulted in some serious quality problems, including causing the machine to stop & re-start a lot of the time. The double diaphragm pumps on the machine have a significant role to ensure that the production process runs smoothly.

Sisdoz, the local Graco distributor, installed a Graco Husky 307 for transferring the solvent-based flexo ink. For the gluing application, a Graco Husky 515 was installed to make the whole process run more efficiently.

Running with minimum down-time

After using the newly installed Graco equipment on the inline series packaging machine, Ser Makina clearly observed that the machine worked more efficiently and that the sucking & transferring performance was much better compared to the pervious pumps used. The machine now runs with minimum down-time and the stop & re-start periods have reduced dramatically.

Seri Makina now feels comfortable with the packaging solution that they export to more than 30 different countries. Seri Makina considers Graco as a reliable manufacturing partner and they have no doubt that the number of machines sold will keep growing as a result of the partnership.