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Geo-Blaster, now owned by Graco, Inc., has more than 50 years of combined blasting and coatings experience. The Geo-Blaster systems were truly built by contractors for contractors just like you. On this site, you will learn about Geo-Blaster's product offering, including the GB1200DT, which is a dual pot blaster.

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Blast Journal

Blast Journal is a website dedicated to educating contractors on best practices for vapor abrasive blasting (also known as wet abrasive blasting). On this site, you will find how-to guides and insights so you can blast more efficiently. You will also find recommendations, tips and tools that will help you expand and grow your business. Plus, you will find blasting industry news and media supplier listings for easy reference. Everything you need to know about vapor abrasive blasting is at your fingertips.

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