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EcoQuip 2 EQ200t Elite  Towable blasting trailer with 200 CFM @ 125 PSI compressor

Self-contained abrasive blasting trailer complete with integrated blaster and diesel compressor.

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Mid-tier towable abrasive blasting trailer with option of integrated compressor

Designed for mid to high production projects, the EQ200t is a self-contained trailer with 200 CFM @ 125 PSI Tier 4f compressor. 

This trailer can also be ordered without a compressor, giving you the option to mount your existing compressor.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with the option to include the Tier 4f compressor (200 CFM @ 125 PSI)
  • Redesigned controls for easier operation
  • Abrasive meter and MediaTrak for easy monitoring of media consumption
  • Blast hose, electric or pneumatic blast controls and nozzle sold separately

The EQ200t is easy to haul and its compact design is easy to maneuver at the jobsite. Graco’s blasting equipment is rugged and built to withstand the most challenging conditions.

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Vapor Abrasive Blasting: A cleaner, easier path to profitable results

  • Generates less dust – 92 percent less airborne dust than dry blasting
  • Uses less water than traditional water-based wet blasting
  • Optimizes air, water and media ratio – resulting in a fine mist with a blast that is powerful, but with less dust
  • Uses less media than wet blasting, so clean up is minimal* and you save on media costs











EcoQuip 2 EQ200T Elite
Maximum Working Pressure
125 psi
8.61 bar, 0.86 MPa
Operating Temperature
35˚ - 110˚ F
1.6˚ - 43.3˚ C
Blast Hose Size
1.25 in. ID
31.75 mm ID
Abrasive Capacity*
880 lb.
400 kg
Dry Weight
4000 lb.
1814 kg
Wet Weight*
6000 lb.
2721 kg
Pressure Pot Volume
6.5 cubic feet
184 liters
Water Tank Volume
100 gallon
378 liters
Air Consumption
210 CFM
5.9 m^3/min
* Abrasive capacity and wet weight was found using 80 grit garnet. Using coarser media or less dense media will decrease weight.
Trailer Connections
Hitch Size
3 in. Lunette Ring (Pintel Eye)
3 in. Lunette Ring (Pintel Eye)
Electrical Connector
7–way Flat Pin
7–way Flat Pin
Sound Data**
Sound Pressure Level
133 dB(A)
133 dB(A)
Sound Power Level
139 dB(A)
139 dB(A)
Instantaneous Sound Pressure Level
131 dB(C)
131 dB(C)
** All readings were taken at the maximum system blast pressure 150 psi (10.3 bar, 1.03 MPa) from the operator position. The abrasive used was garnet and the substrate was steel. Tested in accordance with ISO 9614-2.