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Harrier+ Tank Level Monitoring and Pump Automation  Remote Monitoring Solutions with Tank Level Capabilities for Chemical Injection Systems

Easily collect, monitor, and analyze critical data at your well site without actually being at the site

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Our Harrier+ controller with remote pump control and tank level monitoring helps you reduce expenses and closely monitor your chemical injection systems from almost anywhere. Keep a close eye on parameters like pressures, flow rates, voltage and tank levels to ensure your chemical injection system is operating efficiently.

  • Collect, monitor, and analyze critical data, which can be managed by a web-based portal or connect to an existing SCADA system
  • Adjust chemical inventory based on data collected from well sites using the tank level sensor with the Harrier+ controller
  • Ensure chemical injection assets are properly and efficiently operating to help reduce downtime
  • Reduce operating expenses by minimizing downtime, optimizing chemical usage and increasing efficiency