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Modular Control Boxes  Full line of control boxes for chemical injection modular systems

Choosing the correct control box configuration can be critical to ensuring proper system operation

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When specifying the correct chemical injection system, it’s important to ensure the correct control box configuration is used to ensure proper operation. Graco offers plastic or steel boxes, AC and DC powered, plus standard options all the way up to NEMA-rated box options to help meet the chemical injection application requirements. The Modular Control Boxes are customizable so the correct configuration can be achieved based on your application needs.

Modular Control Box Options:

One battery control box

  • DC power only
  • Metal and plastic options
  • ouses a Harrier EZ controller

Two battery control box

  • Aluminum construction
  • Removable sub-plate for easy battery access
  • Configured with all controller and charge controller options
  • Lockable slide lid

NEMA 4 rated control box

  • AC power
  • Harrier+ controller
  • Lockable 
  • Lockout/tagout disconnect switch

NEMA 4X rated control box

  • DC power
  • One and two battery options
  • All charge controller options

Four battery control box

  • DC power 
  • Pre-configured sub-plates for easy battery access
  • Plastic box sold separate
  • All controllers and charge controllers options can be used