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SaniForce 2.0 Electric Drum Pumps  SaniForce line of Electric Drum Pumps

Graco’s SaniForce line of Electric Drum Pumps are designed for the food, beverage and personal care industry to move low to high viscous fluids. The pumps’ lightweight design makes it easy to move them between drums and increases your facility output

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Advantages of the SaniForce Electric Drum Pump

  • Transfer from drum to drum of low, medium and high viscosity fluids
  • Flow rates up to 132 lpm
  • Easily transferable and adaptable
  • All 316 Stainless Steel wetted section


  1. Simple, Hygienic Design
    Our electric drum pumps are designed with minimal or no moving parts at all for easy cleaning plus reducing maintenance and downtime.

  2. Multiple pump sizes
    You can choice from different pump sizes allowing you to adapt the pump according to the size of your container

  3. Variable speed electric motor options
    The variable speed electric motors give you the flexibility to operate your drum pump anywhere in your facilities. Simply plug it and it’s ready within minutes for transfer.

  4. Centrifugal or progressive cavity configurations

How it works?

Drum pumps consist of a vertical shaft inside a narrow tube which fits inside the drum opening. The pump motor is attached to the vertical shaft at the top of the tube outside and above the drum. The pumping element is located at the end of the shaft inside the drum, sucking up the content in the drum. This configuration allows the drum to be emptied without tipping and so reduces the risk of spills and operator injury.


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SaniForce Electric Drum Pump Range