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Classic 390 PC  Electric Airless Sprayer

The ideal sprayer for residential jobs and the best value in small electric sprayers

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The next generation of CLASSIC sprayers have now been upgraded with ProConnect. This fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement system, makes the most reliable small electric units even more valuable.

The 390 CLASSIC PC with brush motor is a solid workhorse built for professionals just "starting out". It’s the ideal sprayer for residential jobs. Proven Endurance pump technology on all CLASSIC models, makes it perfect for professionals who frequently spray a wide range of interior coatings.

The CLASSIC has been tested and approved to spray a wide range of lacquers, acrylics, primers, enamels, varnishes and acrylic interior paints, out of the bucket.

390 Pc


Exchange your pump easily YOURSELF in 3 steps in case any damage appears.
No more time wasted or money lost to labour charges on pump repairs.

1) Loosen the clamping nut
2) Open door and remove pump
3) Remove hose and suction tube

Classic 390PC Smart Control

Variable Pressure Control

  • Position indicator allows repeatable setting while spraying light-to-heavier materials.

390 PC

Endurance™ Pump

  • A proven and highly reliable piston pump technology with Long-life V-Max Blue™ packings
  • QuikAccess™ intake valve to easily clean or clear debris

Pro Connect Blister

Blister Pack - ProConnect Pump Lower

  • With a spare pump ready, you'll always be able to finish your job!
Classic 390 PC Stand

Advantage Drive™

  • Hardened steel gears run extremely quiet
  • High-ratio reduction provides slow pump stroking

390 classic Inlet Suction Hose

Swivel Inlet Suction Hose

  • All aluminium construction is durable, lightweight and rust proof
  • No-tools removal of hose for cleaning or accessing inlet ball
  • Easily swivels to reach paint buckets or cans

EasyOut Pump Filter

  • Large filtering area reduces tip clogs and ensures a quality finish
  • Inside out filter design filters won’t collapse and cleans with only a few liters
  • Vertical filter design removes simply with the cap, eliminates spill

Classic 390 Pc Stand Small


  • Stands upright so it won’t tip paint can over
  • Attached big cup holds the inlet during transport to catch drips

Classic 390 PC HiBoy

Hi-Boy exclusive features

  • Thick chrome over steel to withstand rugged environments
  • Retractable handle doubles as a hose wrap for simple removal of coiled hose
  • Comfortable inlet suction allows direct suction out of up to 30 liter buckets
  • TiltBack™ easily allows one man bucket change and on board toolbox

Classic 390 Pc Stand-Hopper


  • A convenient 5.7 liter hopper, compatible with all units
  • Optional



  • Sprayer Protection System
  • Guards against bad or extreme job site power conditions
  • 230V models only
  • Optional

FTx Gun

All units ship complete and ready to spray with:

  • FTX™-E 4-finger gun
  • filters (gun + manifold)
  • 240794 BlueMax™ II hose 1/4" x 15m
  • RAC X™ (PAA517) tip and guard

190/290/390 Electric Airless Sprayers
Maximum fluid working pressure
3000 psi, 3300 psi
207 bar, 20.7 MPa, 228 bar, 22.8 MPa
Maximum Delivery
190 PC Classic, 190 PC Express
0.38 gpm
1.4 lpm
290/390 PC Classic, 390 PC, NOVA 390 PC, 190 PC Express (17C384)
0.47 gpm
1.8 lpm
Maximum Tip Size
190 PC Classic, 190 PC Express
290/390 PC Classic, 390 PC, NOVA 390 PC, 190 PC Express (17C384)
Fluid Outlet npsm
1/4 in.
1/4 in.
700 per gallon
185 per liter
Generator minimum
3000 W
3000 W
110 – 120V, A, Hz
1 Ø, 13, 50/60 Hz
1 Ø, 13, 50/60 Hz
220 – 240V, A, Hz
1 Ø, 8, 50/60 Hz
1 Ø, 8, 50/60 Hz
18.5 in.
47 cm
22.5 in.
57.2 cm
28.25 in. (Handle down) 38.25.5 in. (Handle up)
71.8 cm (Handle down) 97.2 cm (Handle up)
16 in.
40.6 cm
26.5 in.
67.3 cm
23.25 in.
59.1 cm
14 in.
35.6 cm
20 in.
50.6 cm
20.5 in.
52.1 cm
34 lb.
15.4 kg
59.1 lb.
26.8 kg
68.5 lb.
31.1 kg
Noise** (dBa) level at 70 psi (4.8 bar, 0.48 MPa)
Sound pressure
90 dBa
90 dBa
Sound power
100 dBa
100 dBa
Materials of Construction.
Wetted materials on all models
zinc- and nickel-plated carbon steel, nylon, stainless steel, PTFE, Acetal, leather, UHMWPE, aluminum, tungsten carbide, polyethylene, fluoroelastomer, urethane
zinc- and nickel-plated carbon steel, nylon, stainless steel, PTFE, Acetal, leather, UHMWPE, aluminum, tungsten carbide, polyethylene, fluoroelastomer, urethane
* Startup pressures and displacement per cycle may vary based on suction condition, discharge head, air pressure, and fluid type. ** Sound pressure measured 3 feet (1 meter) from equipment. Sound power measured per ISO-3744.