Graco Inc.

GT 750 36:1 Grease Transfer Pump  Superior Pump Performance

Made in the USA, Graco’s GT 750 pump is designed with field-proven NXT® air motor technology, combined with the industryleading Fire-Ball® pump design to provide exceptional delivery rates and pump life.

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Fewer Strokes and Longer Pump Life

Graco’s GT 750 pump was engineered to perform in challenging applications and changing environments. The large 7.5-inch air motor and pump lower combination allows the GT 750 pump to move the same amount of grease with up to three to four times fewer pump strokes.

Industry Applications


Mining and Fleet Service

Use anywhere you need to move grease between bulk containers.


Transit and Marine

Fill automatic lubrication system reservoirs quickly, reliably and efficiently



Minimize downtime and maximize profitability.