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Transfer and Dosing of Slices of Cooked Apples

Sanitary Process Application Story - June 2012



Transfer and Dosing of Slices of Cooked Apples. The initial problem was to find a solution enabling to transfer a preparation of slices of cooked apple from the cooking unit to the dosing machine, while respecting the most possible its texture and taste, without degrading the fruits.


The Graco distributor, Coudert, selected a Graco High Sanitary 3-inch pump to solve the problem: the SaniForce™ 3150 HS. Its diaphragms resist high temperatures and it is hygienic and cleanable and offers the best way to gently pump the slices without degrading the texture.


The Graco SaniForce™ 3150 HS has wide open flappers which permit the passage of the size of slices of apple. The available big cylinder of the SaniForce 3150 HS enables to pump the apple slices at a low speed inside the pump and the piping, thus helping to keep the product whole. This is a key-criterion for the manufacturer as it results in a nice presentation of the apple tarts which is important to the manufacturer and to the consumer.


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Industry Market Sector
Apple tarts and chocolate tarts

Transfer of cooked apples in slices and dosing with a machine designed and built by Coudert offering 4 simultaneous tracks.

Material Specifications
Sanitary approved pump, wide open passages (flapper technology) and diaphragms resistant to temperature, hygienic and cleanable.

Typical Properties
The SaniForce equipment keeps the cooked apple slices whole, thanks to wide open flappers. The low speed of the pump and over-moulded diaphragms also enables to pump the material gently.

Graco Equipment
SaniForce 3150 HS offers flappers and over-moulded diaphragms

SaniForce 3150 HS part number SF3AF1 mounted on a chassis with a dosing machine designed and built by Coudert

Graco Distributor Details
Coudert Constructions SAS,
Granville, France; Tel: 33 233 50 23 90,