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Graco’s FieldLazer™ at the Greek Football Cup Final

the FieldLazer™ ensures crisp, bright and uniform lines


The Kaftantzoglio stadium in Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful football stadiums in Greece. It was completely rebuilt in 2004 for the Olympic Games and seats up to 28.000 people. 

On Saturday 17 May 2008, a full stadium hosted the final of the Greek Football Cup. The teams playing were Olympiakos Piraeus versus Aris Thessaloniki. 
The lines of the football field were striped beforehand using a Graco FieldLazer™ supplied by the Greek distributor Taktikos.

The airless technology of the FieldLazer™ line striper ensures crisp, bright and uniform lines. Only one layer of airless sprayed paint is needed to paint the line completely. Consequently, the paint dries faster and the field can be used quicker. The FieldLazer™ uses most brands of paints for sports fields and even after mowing, the lines remain clearly visible due to their “in-depth” spraying.

Olympiakos Piraeus finally won 2-0 against Aris Thessaloniki, but the true winner of the cup is Graco’s FieldLazer™, used to prepare the field for every match now!