Graco Inc.

Sanitary Equipment  A wide range of fluid transfer solutions for the food, beverage and personal care industry

Graco provides a fluid transfer solution for almost every application in the food, beverage and personal care industry. The range includes air and electric operated diaphragm pumps, piston and drum transfer pumps, pail, drum and bin unloaders, high pressure washer cleaners.

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Graco’s unloading systems offer the most efficient way to empty your pails, drums, bins and containers in a safe and hygienic way. The extended range gives you solutions for transferring low to exceptionally high viscous materials (without dilution) and an evacuation rate up to 99%.

Graco’s double diaphragm pump range exists of five different pump types, available in multiple sizes, that can be electric or air-operated for all kinds of applications in the food, beverage and personal care industry. The pumps are designed to last, perform the way you desire, in the easiest and fastest way, with the hygiene you need.

To clean and sanitize food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities, the Hydra-Clean® air-driven or hydraulic pressure washers can be used with hot or cold water, detergents or strong chemical solutions.

Our sanitary solutions will save you money, speed up your process, reduce waste and improve safety and hygiene: