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ProBell Rotary Atomizer 

Easy to integrate, operate, and service, ProBell brings convenience and high performance to any finishing application in any industry. The automatic rotary atomizer continually improves quality, transfer efficiency and cleanliness while spraying with robots, reciprocators or on a fixed mount.

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Unique to ProBell, blended shaping air optimizes paint atomization, pattern shape and transfer efficiency (coverage, wrap) for excellent overall finish quality.

Inner shaping air and outer shaping air work together to drive paint to the part and adjust the spray pattern. This combination works especially well for finishing many different parts and complex shapes.

ProBell delivers the spray performance, pattern and finish quality needed to exceed in any industry. Applications for which the rotary bell atomizer has proven itself include Tier 1 automotive, architectural panels and extruded aluminum, wood products, and more.

  • Modular installation lets you start with one applicator and scale up to a full system, according to your production needs and budget.
  • System integration uses existing PLC (programmable logic controller) or new installation.
  • User-friendly controller interface lets operators easily manage spray parameters.
  • Coiled fluid tube controls electrostatic resistivity for a wide range of material.
  • Waterborne electrostatic model sprays water-based material with an isolation system, such as the Graco HydroShield.
  • Conventional spray gun works well for automated finishing operations that would like the fine atomization of a rotary bell cup without electrostatics.
  • Aluminum bell cup with serrated edge has equally spaced axial grooves that act as channels for paint flow, producing uniform particles. This makes it ideal for atomizing difficult material like clear coats.