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LubePro™ A2900  Lubricate your machinery faster, with more reliable pumping technology

Single Stroke Grease Pump for Automatic Lubrication

De unde se pot achiziţiona

Need a better way to lubricate? 

Without proper lubrication your factory's machines can suffer from downtime and reduced life, which impacts your company's bottom line. LubePro™ series leverages the same proven quality and leading technology as Graco's Fire-Ball® pump—the leader in durability and quality for over 50 years.

LubePro is the choice of today's lubrication professionals

  • LubePro A2900 is compatible with GL-1, GL-32 and GL-33 injectors
  • Pressure Ratio of 29:1
  • A2900 delivers a greater output than competitive models at 0.58 in³ per stroke
  • Pneumatic power makes it easy to install into existing air line
  • Factory installed Low Level Detection available
  • Integrated vent automatically and reliably relieves pressure on return stroke, no pressure switch or wiring required
  • Built with high-quality seals tested to outperform the competition
  • High-strength, shatter resistant, 1 or 4lb reservoir
  • Optimally lubricates while your machines are running
  • Provides accurate, reliable lubrication for every lube point