Graco Inc.

World’s sixth largest oil & gas field facilities made fireproof with Graco’s XMPFP

Tenghiz, a region of Kazakhstan, possesses the sixth largest oil field reserves in the world; recoverable crude oil reserves from Tengiz and Korolev fields combined have been estimated at 6 to 9 billion barrels (950 x 106 to 1,400 x 160m³). Passive Fire Protection (PFP) plays a crucial role in the safe design of modern oil, gas and petrochemical installations for asset owners. A local Kazakh contractor, Multicorr, wanted to enter this lucrative business sector as a PFP applicator for various asset owners in Kazakhstan.

Complete ratio assurance with total job accountability

The company owner, Mr. Gabit Utkelbayev, consulted his material supplier and local Graco distributor, Gateway, for the requirements to enter this market. After reviewing all the mechanical PFP rigs on offer in the market, Gabit opted to invest in Graco’s XM PFP rig.

After studying the old design of mechanical machines, Multicorr did not want to be a ‘me-too’ company. We wanted to be the first intumescent applicator in Kazakhstan who could offer our current and future customers complete ratio assurance with total job accountability – something Graco’s product gives us with its reporting features” exclaimed Mr. Utkelbayev.

Personal application and maintenance training

Before starting the on-site application, Multicorr underwent intense applicator training from the material supplier International Paints. The distributor, Gateway, trained Multicorr’s applicators on the use and maintenance of the XM PFP rig with Graco personnel.
The operators perceived the XM PFP’s ADM (Advanced Display Module) as very easy to understand. Mr. Galibekov, the paint site supervisor of Multicorr, said “My cell phone is more difficult to understand than this machine’s display. We understood its operation and learned its functions very quickly.”

The Chartec products (Chartek 1709 / Chartek 7) were successfully tested with Graco’s XM PFP rig, meeting the required equipment standards set out in the Chartek application manuals and the International Paint Application Engineers and Certifiers.

Graco’s XM PFP puts Multicorr in a position to offer various local and foreign asset owners in Kazakhstan the peace of mind that their intumescent applications will be as specified, but also within requested project deadlines.