Graco Inc.

LineLazer IV 250DC

The LineLazer™ family showed the world Graco’s strive for innovation with the development of the LineLazer IV. The newest innovation within the LineLazer family is the LineLazer IV 250DC, a self-propelled, fully programmable, Dual Colour striping unit.

Ideally suited for airports, municipalities or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-colour striping, the LineLazer IV 250DC sprays two colours simultaneously in patterns as wide as 90 cm. The LineLazer IV 250DC offers productivity and flexibility that proves Graco’s commitment to providing you a Total Striping Solution.

Key Features:

Dual Endurance Pump: dual pumps for your dual colour jobs, equipped with Graco’s exclusive no-stall hydraulic motors for uninterrupted performance

Electric Start: equipped with a Honda GX390, 13hp engine with electric start

Dual 55 liter Paint Hoppers: large capacity paint hoppers with a no-spill cover design, offers you more productivity

Remote Control Box: take full control of your striping job by programming your unit to your needs.

Electric Gun Control: manual or automatic paint and bead gun control.

To suit your striping needs, Graco offers four different versions:

24U242: LineLazer IV 250DC 2-gun
24U810: LineLazer IV 250DC 3-gun
24U243: LineLazer IV 250DC 2-gun PBS system
24U820: LineLazer IV 250DC 3-gun PBS system