Graco Inc.

ThermoLazer 200TC

Graco is proud to announce its latest addition to the ThermoLazer™ family. After introducing the ThermoLazer ProMelt with a built-in kettle system, Graco launches an entry-level thermoplastic striping unit, the ThermoLazer 200TC: the first solution for smaller thermoplastic striping jobs.

Key Features:

  • 90 kg Material Kettle - Easy-to-fill, cylindrical kettle allows precise heating of thermoplastic material, and its no-tool change-out design lets you switch colours fast
  • 18 kg Bead Hopper - Perfectly matched to the material kettle with a superior flow design
  • Direct Heat System - Direct flames and an on-board hand torch deliver maximum heat, resulting in maximum material flow
  • Tri-Wheel System - Dual solid front and single solid rear wheels provide smooth, quiet operation
  • Adjustable Front Pointer - Easily adjusts for all size dies, for following all marks and creating straight lines
  • Bead Dispenser – 30 cm dispenser and 2.5 cm increments allow you to “dial-in” the bead drop rate.

Easy Kettle Exchange

Feel the need for MULTI-colour thermo striping applications?
Take advantage of the unique feature of exchanging the material kettle on your ThermoLazer 200TC.
The easy and no-tool removal of the material kettleallows you to change colours without having multiple units.
Get a kettle for each colour and exchange it on the unit when needed.

Kettle part number: 16Y835

Exclusive FlexDie system (to be ordered separately)

Graco’s FlexDie shoe system for the ThermoLazer 200TC delivers excellent line quality with exclusive deep-die, all steel construction and a no-tools change out design.
Choose your size! ThermoLazer 200TC is delivered without a FlexDie allowing you to choose the size YOU need.

Single Line FlexDie part numbers

Double Line FlexDie part numbers

16Y661: FlexDie, 2 in. (5cm)            16Y664: FlexDie, 7 in. (18cm)
16Y662: FlexDie, 3 in. (8cm)            16Y326: FlexDie, 8 in. (20cm)
16Y320: FlexDie, 4 in. (10cm)          16Y665: FlexDie, 9 in. (22,5cm)
16Y663: FlexDie, 5 in. (12cm)          16Y332: FlexDie, 10 in. (25cm)
16Y190: FlexDie, 6 in. (15cm)          16Y207: FlexDie, 12 in. (30cm)
  16Y338: FlexDie, 3-3-3 in. (8-8-8 cm)
  16Y352: FlexDie, 4-3-4 in. (10-8-10cm)
  16Y666: FlexDie, 4-2-4 in. (10-5-10cm)
  16Y363: FlexDie, 4-4-4 in. (10-10-10cm)