The Revolutionary Job
and Sprayer Management System


The Revolutionary Job
and Sprayer Management System

Introducing BlueLink


The power of a mobile app combined with Bluetooth-enabled Graco sprayers.

Improve your business with real-time jobsite and sprayer information — anywhere or anytime.

Streamline Your Business

BlueLink connects the people and equipment that drive your business in a completely new way. Whether on the jobsite, at the office, or anywhere in between, BlueLink provides the critical information you need every day — including real-time jobsite access, instant maintenance alerts, on-demand productivity reports, and much more.


Track Every Sprayer

  • Know exact locations and hourly productivity
  • Make fewer trips to jobsites

Know Job Progress

  • On-demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
  • Ensure you’re on time with needed materials

Maximize Uptime

  • Set preventive maintenance schedules and receive alerts
  • Ensure your sprayer is ready for every job

Perfect For Any Company

  • Streamline existing operations
  • Owner-operators to large contractors

Faster Service & Support

  • Quick access to Graco product information and your nearby distributor
  • Helpful application, maintenance, and parts resources

Multilingual Support

  • BlueLink is available in 9 languages

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