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Pulse® FC Fluid Control System  Transform accountability into profitability

Wire-free solution to accurately command and control dispense of bulk fluid inventory

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With Pulse FC, dispense only precise volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation. Monitor how much fluid you’re using. Choose the amount of fluid each technician can dispense.

Maintain accurate inventory. Streamline processes to improve productivity and uncover hidden profitability while adding transparency to everyday tasks.


  • Easily upgrade from SD Preset meters to Pulse FC
  • Control exactly how much fluid is dispensed to improve inventory management
  • Fast, easy wire-free setup and configuration reduces installation costs
  • Generate simple reports to make more informed decisions
  • Add fluids or dispense points seamlessly as your demands grow
  • Easily upgrade to Pulse Pro for even more management, analytics and DMS integration

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Pulse FC Fluid Control Components


Pulse FC Starter Kit 

With a simple Pulse FC system starter kit, users can easily convert their SD preset meters to Pulse FC and gain additional control of their fluids.


Pulse FC Fluid Cards 

Pulse FC is a fluid control system that will only allow fluid dispenses utilizing authorized Fluid Cards. These cards are programmed using the Pulse FC Software and Card Programmer. Once programmed the cards are simply tapped to any Pulse FC enabled SD Preset meter of that fluid type only allowing the authorized fluid amount to be dispensed.


SD Series Preset Electronic Meters

Premium quality and performance meters with an ergonomic design that are compatible with the Pulse FC Fluid Control System

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Pulse FC Roll Around 

Pair with mobile dispense units and drums quickly so your team can conveniently dispense without delays, hassles or extra steps.