Graco Inc.

Voltex Dynamic Mix Valves 

Consistent Mixing for Challenging Two-component Materials

مكان الشراءطلب معلومات

Dependable and Durable Dynamic Mixing

The Voltex Dynamic Mix Valve is designed to consistently mix tough to blend two-component materials. Durable components and precision controls deliver accurate mix and dispense that reduce material waste through the entire dispensing process.

Process Control

Built with orifice inserts for pressure balancing and check valves that prevent downtime. 

Durable Components

Long-lasting rotary seals and sturdy mixer shroud stand up to tough-to blend materials

Minimize Downtime

Easy maintenance and cleaning with disposable mixing elements

Application Flexibility

Independent A/B component control, front/back mounting capability, and plumbing options to optimize applications.

Precision Repeatability

Servo electric motor delivers reliable mix and dispense every time. 

Versatile Design

Multiple accessory fluid ports for pressure sensors, cleaning/flushing, or air nucleation assist.

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