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REACTOR™ E-30 makes polyurethane foam insulation affordable and easy to apply

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A solution for a low cost, operator friendly method to inject Polyurethane Foam into aluminium building panels came from GRACO|GUSMER’s Quick Set distributor OTECO located in Cairo, Egypt. 

The current method was not only labour intensive, but required that the manufacturer of the aluminium building panels outsource large quantities of pre-moulded PU foam panels. These panels were supplied in one shape only, then had to be cut to size to fit into the various panels manufactured. 
Due to the challenges and obstacles faced with previous PU foam application equipment, the manufacturer preferred to continue purchasing pre-moulded PU foam panels from abroad at great expense. This was until OTECO proposed the GRACO Reactor™ E-30. Our manufacturer had nothing to lose in allowing OTECO to conduct a demonstration with the GRACO Reactor™ E-30, as his imported 40 foot container of PU foam panels was delayed at customs, and production deadlines were nearing a close. 

A Reactor™ E-30 with a Fusion Mechanical Purge Gun and a pouring kit was used for the application. By drilling blowholes in the aluminium frame, a modified pour nozzle kit (248682), fitted with a disposable synflex tube, was inserted. The top of the frame was then covered with a greased barrier plate. This was to ensure that the foam caked evenly to the top. Foam was then injected into the various compartment frames. The process took 10 seconds per compartment; the previous method took the operator on average 30 minutes per compartment, as it entailed manual cutting and fitting of the PU foam panels. 
An enormous gain of time thanks to the GRACO mechanical purge gun, which ensured continual production from start to finish. 

The operators found the GRACO Reactor™ E-30 controls and overall system user-friendly and after six continual production days, the decision by this manufacturer’s management – after consulting with their operators – to purchase the GRACO Reactor™ E-30 was unquestioned. 

Product: GRACO Reactor™ E-30 
Material: Polyurethane Foam applied at 75 deg C