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Fast and safe with airless accessories

More comfort and performance

Choosing the right accessory is important to optimise comfort and performance. It helps contractors to work faster, easier and cleaner, and lets them use their sprayer to its full capacity. John Coats, Director of Liberton Décor, uses them daily and explains why he’s so keen on them.

Daily use of accessories

“Accessories are very important depending on each individual job itself. Graco has great accessories and since I have bought four Graco units I personally wouldn’t go back to other brands,” says John. He is a fan of extension bars for his GX21 and UltraMaxII 695 which he uses for bigger, commercial projects. “I can spray without needing step ladders, making my job faster and safer in the process,” he says. “I also like this new idea of flex cup liners that Graco have brought out. They are universal, so they fit my cordless Ultra Handheld and HVLP 9.5 with Edge 2 gun”. He uses these accessories on a daily basis.

Find the right accessory for your sprayer and job without any problems. In the Graco app you can instantly see which accessories fit your sprayer. Download the free Graco App.

John Coats

Liberton Décor, leading painting and decorating company, was established in 2004 and serves both private and commercial customers throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians.  John Coats started the company at the age of 21, right after his apprenticeship had ended. He has been a decorator for almost 20 years now and loves working on spraying jobs together with his four employees.