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Reduce downtime and contamination risks with the new electric Dyna-Star

How to improve maintenance efficiency and operator safety

The new electric Dyna-Star is equipped with a low-level sensor and mechanical auto-fill shut off to provide a safer, more streamlined refilling operation. This reduces downtime and minimises grease contamination risks.

In most cases, contamination is introduced when the lubricant pump is being refilled. The electric Dyna-Star greatly reduces this risk by minimising how often the pump is refilled.

A low-level sensor that automatically alerts the operator when lubricant is low is now integrated into the electric Dyna-Star. This avoids unplanned downtime and ensures that the pump is refilled only when needed.

In addition, it features a mechanical auto-fill shut off, which allows the operator to safely refill the pump, reducing overfilling and spilling.


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