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Reactor Connect  for Controlling Reactor 2 Spray Foam and Polyurea Machines Remotely

Reactor Connect helps you can stay connected, make informed decisions, improve sprayer productivity, bid jobs more accurately, increase operational efficiencies, and improve inventory management.

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Real-time data and control directly from your smartphone

  • View and control your Reactor 2 from anywhere
  • Multi-system dashboard monitors all Reactor 2 machines in your fleet
  • See each machine’s status and a summary of its spray volume and spray time
  • Generate reports by type, date range and even specific Reactors
  • Reports can be viewed, saved and forwarded from your phone
  • Account management tool allows you to control who has access to Reactor data

Reactor Connect Mobile App

Reactor connect control screen and multi-system dashboard as seen on a mobile device

1) Reactor Control Screen (Single Dashboard)

  • Control your Reactor from your phone
  • Improve productivity by not having to go to your rig to make changes
  • Quickly adjust spray parameters to optimize material yield
    • Adjust temp and pressure set-points
    • View drum levels
    • Turn heat zones on/off
    • View and reset cycle counter/material usage
    • Turn system on/off
    • Turn Pump on/off
    • Select between Spray/Park/Jog modes

2) Multi-System Dashboard

  • Easily view summary data for all Reactor machines in your fleet
    • Current Reactor status
    • Daily "power-on" time
    • Actual spray time
    • Daily material usage

Reactor Connect Website

Reactor connect website on desktop and mobile

Easy-to-use Online Interface

  • Manage your Reactor Connect account
    • Create User accounts
    • Create a Company profile
    • Invite other Users to join your Company
    • Assign Reactors to your Company
  • Control who can connect to your Reactors
  • Easily share Reactor data within your company
  • Receive automated summary emails each day
  • Have access to the library of additional Reactor Connect reports


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Reactor Connect Videos

Reactor Connect: How to Setup & Manage an Account

Reactor Connect: How to Assign a Reactor to Your Company

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