Graco Inc.

EZ Greaser® Lubrication Kits 

Just mount the EZ Greaser in an accessible location and the block distributes grease to all the lube points.

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  • EZ Greaser gives you:
    • Fast, cost-effective maintenance
    • Lubrication of multiple points from one zerk fitting
    • Multiple pre-configured kits for easy ordering and installation
    • For truck, tractor and trailer chassis lubrication


Without EZ Greaser
• 34 Lube points

With EZ Greaser
• 3 lube points

  • 11 different kits let you customize your EZ Greaser system
  • Once installed, use your manual grease gun to lubricate multiple lube points from one fitting
  • Check out our Grease Jockey lubrcation system for a completely automatic lubrication solution