Graco Inc.

New DutyMax EH/GH 230 & EH/GH 300

Graco is proud to announce its latest addition to the Standard and ProContractor range:


Offering 8 new sprayers, divided into 2 different series, each with different features depending on what YOUR customers are looking for, these sprayers are tuned to their needs, in other words... delivering either everyday reliability, or innovations that allow you to work smarter.  The new DUTYMAX range comes in a Standard and ProContractor series, each equipped with specific features valued by each type of customer.

 The everyday reliability provided by the Standard Series

The Standard Series is for professionals that are looking for technology that has proven to do the trick, time and time again. They don’t necessarily need the extras, but rather value everyday reliability and industry standards they can trust to get the job done.

 Work smarter with the ProContractor Series

The ProContractor Series is spray equipment reinvented by Graco for professionals. This series includes innovations for top-of-the-line professionals that aren’t satisfied with ‘just’ high quality technology, but demand more. This is what distinguishes them from other professionals, where they save time and money, and where they stand out.

 The features on the Standard series are valued by customers looking for proven technology and everyday reliability:

  • Direct Immersed Endurance Pump sprays even the thickest materials directly from a bucket.
  • Unique Hydraulic Technology to account for longer durability and life.
  • Easy to use on every job site, whether electric or gas is needed to power your unit; swap from an electric motor to a gas engine without using any tools.

 The features on the ProContractor series makes the smart professional stand out thanks to innovations that provide comfort and enable to save time and money:

  • Built for the most demanding jobs, the Extreme-Duty Maxlife Pump delivers unmatched durability and life.
  • Stay operational thanks to the ProConnect Pump System, allowing you to exchange the pump on the job site and finish the job in time.
  • Use the QuikReel Integrated Hose Reel to roll hoses easily allowing fast, comfortable and efficient working conditions. On top of this, the ProContractor series comes equipped with 30m hose, right out of the box!

 Visit our online product selector app to find out more about configurations, features and specifications. Or download our Graco app in the app store and access this information from the palm of your hand!