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Upgrade to ProMix™ 2KS at AS Fors MW in Estonia



AS Fors MW is one of the leading producers of forest, agriculture and bio energy machinery, located in Saue, Estonia. For many years, machinery parts were painted with 1K alkyd paints. The decision to move from a 1K to 2K PU system was made with the objective to reduce solvent use, increase drying time and improve surface hardness. Additionally, in the future, customers expect to be offered waterborne coatings, so AS Fors MW needed a system with the flexibility to foresee this.


Graco Distributor, Tallberg, Estonia, offered a 2K installation based on Graco’s electronic proportioning system ProMix 2KS. The system was set-up for applications of advanced 2K PU paints from Teknos with a quick change of the base 3 colours and easy flush sequences.


After the unit installation and testing, the customer was able to reduce paint and solvent waste. Additionally, the requested parameters regarding drying time and surface hardness were obtained.

The use of ProMix 2KS also enabled detailed reports on used paints and hardener per job and in total. The system, based on stainless steel main wet parts, is also ready for a future upgrade to waterborne material applications.


AS Fors MW,

Industry Market Sector:
Industrial, production of forest, agriculture and bio energy machinery

2K PU Paints

Material Specification:

Typical Properties:
Flashoff 15 min., 45 min. in 60°c oven

Graco Equipment:
ProMix 2KS

ProMix 2KS MD1602; 3 colours, 1 hardener and 1 flush agent. Feed system composed of 4 Merkur™ and 1 President™ wall mounted pumps; application by G40™ and Pro Xs™ electrostatic guns.