Graco Inc.

Protecting boats with enamel coatings using a Merkur ES Spray Package

A small private company, located in Engels (Saratov Region, Russia), specializes in made-to-measure boat building where the bottleneck in the building process is finishing. They had been using antifouling enamel Tikkurila ХС-5256 applied with inexpensive spray guns equipped with a gravity-feed cup. The application of enamel is important as it protects the submerged part of the boat’s body against corrosion. However, this process was taking too long and was inefficient. The local Graco distributor in Saratov, Profft, was asked to find a solution to reduce overspray and to increase performance.

20% material savings

As a solution, Profft offered the boat builder the Graco air-assisted airless unit Merkur™ ES. The use of the Merkur ES 30:1 unit makes it possible to reduce overspray. Now the coating can be applied just in one layer, instead of the two layers required when the old gravity-feed sprayer was used. As a result, material savings amount to about 20%.

Minimized dependence on weather conditions

Performance has also increased which has made it possible to minimize the dependence on weather conditions as the coating can be applied outside the paint booth. The fan air pattern of the spray gun G40 can be adjusted slightly if necessary to reduce overspray.  Finishing boats is no longer a bottleneck and the boat builder is happy with the increased performance and efficiency.