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Tnemec Series FC22 Epoxoline

Product Description:

An advanced generation, 100% solids epoxy liner for the protection of steel and concrete. It provides excellent resistance to abrasion and is suitable for immersion and chemical contact. For use on the interior and exterior of steel or concrete tanks, reservoirs, and pipes in potable water service.

Special Qualifications:

Series 22-WH11 Off-White, 22-1218 Light Blue and 22-1255 Beige are certified by NSF International in accordance with NSF/ANSI Std. 61 and are qualified for use on tanks and reservoirs of five (5) gallons capacity or greater, pipes 1/2" in diameter or greater and valves 1/2" in diameter or greater.

Series 20HS, FC20HS, 91-H2O, 94-H2O, N140, N140F, V140 and V140F are the only Std. 61 certified primers for use with Series 22. Reference the "Search Listings" section of the NSF website at for details on the maximum allowable DFT.


Colors: WH08 White

Finish: Semi-Gloss

Volume Solids: 100% (mixed)

Recommended DFT: 16 to 40 mils (400 to 1015 microns) in one or two coats.

VOC (Unthinned): 0.04 lbs/gallon (5 grams/litre)

Theoretical Coverage: 1,604 mil sq ft/gal (39.4 m²/L at 25 microns).

Mix Ratio: Two: 1 (Part A amine) to 2 (Part B epoxy)


Coverage Rates:
  Dry Mils (microns) Wet Mils (microns) Sq Ft/Gal (m²/Gal)
Minimum 16.0 (405) 16.0 (405) 100 (9.3)
Maximum 40.0 (1015) 40.0 (1015) 40 (3.7)

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Spraying Tnemec Epoxoline Series FC22 | 100% Solids, High-Build Epoxy

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