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Reactor 2 E-XP2

Count on the Reactor 2 E-XP2 proportioner for next-gen technology in applying fast-curing polyurea coatings. Because it's a Reactor 2 series proportioner, it offers software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance, plus technologies that add to your bottom line.

Reactor 2 H-XP2

Graco's hydraulic Reactor H-XP2 brings increased yield and high output spraying. Ideal for in-plant OEM's or applicators that spray at high volumes. For coatings that require high-pressures - applies up to 1.5 gal (5.7 liters) per minute.

Integrated PowerStation

The Integrated PowerStation is advanced power solution that is plug-and-play with Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30, and H-XP2 spray foam and polyurea proportioners. Configure a new spray rig fast with a compact, energy efficient, turnkey power supply from Graco.

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