Integrated PowerStation

The Integrated PowerStation is advanced power solution that is plug-and-play with Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30, and H-XP2 spray foam and polyurea proportioners. Configure a new spray rig fast with a compact, energy efficient, turnkey power supply from Graco.

More Auxiliary Power

For breakthrough power and performance

More Layout Flexibility

By using an engineered modular system design

More Jobsite Portability

For the ultimate truly portable spray foam operation

More Fuel Savings

Re-purpose wasted heat while increasing horsepower

Reactor 2 Proportioner

  • Plug and play design allows standard Reactor 2 model to be used: E-30, E-XP2, H-30 and H-XP2

Inlet Manifold Blocks

  • Supplied with Integrated PowerStation
  • Allow A and B chemicals to go through inlet strainers before being heated at HX's

Optional Fuel Tank and Pallet

  • Fuel tank and pallet are separate optional items to maximize your configurations

Compact Design

  • Self-contained on a single pallet for easy setup and mobility
  • Pallet designed for easy connection with Reactor and fuel tank pallets

Optional Reactor 2 Pallet

  • Easily attached to Integrated PowerStation pallet for maximum portability

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