Mid-Production Reactors

The power and flexibility to tackle a broad range of applications, including home insulation, attics, and small to mid-sized commercial jobs.

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Reactor 2 E-30

The Reactor 2 E-30 electric spray foam proportioner provides next-gen technology strategically designed to help your operation run smoothly.

Reactor 2 H-30

Graco's hydraulic Reactor 2 H-30 brings increased yield and high output spraying. For medium to high-output foam applications and roofing projects – applies up to 28 lb (12.3 kg) per minute.

Integrated PowerStation

Configure a new spray rig quickly with a compact, energy efficient, turnkey power supply from Graco while saving an average of $3,300/year on diesel fuel cost.

Gusmer GH-2

The GH-2 is a simple, durable and reliable hydraulic spray foam machine designed with reliability and ease of service in mind.

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