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HydroShield 3

Maintenance Techniques

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Graco Finishing Webinar Series illustration shows the outside and inside of a HydroShield Batch Waterborne System cabinet.

During this 30-minute webinar, learn how to perform routine maintenance on the HydroShield Batch Waterborne Isolation System.

HydroShield 3 is the third of a five-part series of free webinars.

  • HydroShield 1 explains how the electrostatic waterborne system works.
  • HydroShield 2 shows how to program system parameters and spray settings.
  • HydroShield 4 provides service tips for isolation and fluid valves.
  • HydroShield 5 gives an overview of the isolation pump.

Webinar Recording

HydroShield 3 is available on-demand to watch at any time.


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