Supply Systems

Graco’s line of composite supply systems reliably deliver medium- to high-viscosity fiber reinforced plastic composite, resin, and catalyst materials from pails or drums to metering and dispensing systems. Designed with advanced air motor technologies, Graco supply systems help maximize your plant’s production capacity. Our supply systems are designed to integrate with all manufacturing lines involving composite materials.




Reduce Your Cost of Ownership

In your manufacturing operations, you want composite supply systems that last for years. To that end, we design and build our systems to require minimum maintenance, which lowers your cost of ownership.

Durable Design for Operating in Harsh Environments

Graco’s entire line of composite supply systems are built to be highly durable in harsh, manufacturing environments. For you, that means high equipment uptimes and longer equipment life.

Maximize Your Plant’s Production Capacity

You can push your plant’s production capacity to the limit with Graco high-performance and reliable composite supply systems. Intuitive controls and a host of other features complement any production line.

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Check-Mate and Dura-Flo Pumps

Graco Dura-Flo and Check-Mate pumps provide uniform and easy to control delivery of composites materials. Ideal for supply applications, these durable pumps achieve a high range of pressures without compromising flow.


Check-Mate and Dura-Flo Supply Systems

With higher pump pressures and flow rates, Graco Check-Mate and Dura-Flo supply systems handle a broad range of resins with ease. They offer durability, power and reliability for composite manufacturing.


Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt Systems

We understand temperature control is crucial for composite manufacturing processes and the final performance of the composite part. Therm-O-Flow provides advanced temperature control for resins and resulting in better delivery and reduced rework due to damaged material.


Warm Melt Supply Systems

For applications where material integrity and chemical properties are crucial, use Graco Warm Melt Supply Systems. Our system can preserve or warm material temperature up to 100°C (212°F), maintaining chemical properties, resulting in better delivery and reduced rework due to damaged material. For t...

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