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Graco’s D-Gun plural component spray gun is ideal for small to midrange output foam applications such as interior stud-wall spraying, and is available in a variety of mixing chamber sizes allowing you to fine-tune the round spray pattern for virtually any application.


Fusion AP

The Fusion Air Purge is Graco’s most popular plural-component gun for both polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its exceedingly simple air-blast tip technology ensures less maintenance and minimal downtime.


Fusion CS

Flexible for foam and polyurea applications, the Fusion ClearShot is the first ever liquid-purge gun. It utilizes a disposable ClearShot cartridge to clear material and keep the mix chamber clear, saving you valuable time each day you spray.


Fusion MP

The Fusion Mechanical Purge spray gun’s straightforward design provides excellent mix and material properties in a simple, easy-to-use package. Whether you're spraying polyurea coatings or spray foam insulation, the rugged Fusion MP handles it all.



The GAP air-purge spray gun is built for high-output spray polyurethane foam and polyurea, featuring hardened steel side seals and mix chamber for long-lasting performance in any application.


GX-7 & GX-8

GX-7 guns offer dependability, performance, and pattern control in even the toughest of conditions. The GX-8 spray gun is perfect for low output, fast-set polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrid coatings applications.



Powerful and responsive, the Probler P2 spray gun is ideal for both polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its advanced double-piston design ensures the P2 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, without sacrificing performance.

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