Electrostatic Spray Equipment

Achieve high transfer efficiency with electrostatic paint spray guns. More paint evenly coating parts means less goes to waste. This leads to significant cost savings. Electrostatic applicators also increase finish quality and production throughput, while decreasing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).

Electrostatic Success

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Manual & Automatic Electrostatic Spray Guns & Applicators

Pro Xp Manual Spray Guns

The Pro Xp electrostatic manual paint gun line is known for high transfer efficiency when spraying standard, specialty or waterborne coating. Manual 40, 60 and 85 kV guns come in air spray or air-assisted technology.

ProBell Atomizer

The ProBell rotary bell applicator delivers a superior quality, high transfer efficiency and precision spraying. It's also lightweight and compact for lower payload robots or reciprocators.

Pro Xp Auto Applicators

Pro Xp automatic electrostatic spray guns deliver expert performance to automated paint lines. Achieve high transfer efficiency when spraying high conductivity, standard or waterborne coating.

Pro Xpc Auto Applicators

The Pro Xpc automatic electrostatic spray gun offers excellent finish quality and transfer efficiency. It is just the right size for robots and fixtures with payload limits.