SaniForce High Sanitation Double Diaphragm Pumps

Graco’s SaniForce High Sanitation Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are designed to meet stringent sanitation requirements. Mounted on a floor stand and equipped with a leak detector, SaniForce High Sanitation Diaphragm pumps can be rotated 360 degrees to drain any excess material. Ideal for applications such as personal care, cosmetics, and high care food transfer.

PTFE/EPDM Overmolded Diaphragms (Bolt-through options available)

  • Improve wear and diaphragm life with no exposed diaphragm plates on the fluid side
  • No crevices for harboring bacteria
  • Longer diaphragm life in abrasive applications that require PTFE
  • PTFE on fluid side and EPDM on the air side

Externally Servicable Air Valve

  • Increase durability and reduce repair time with fewer moving parts
  • Externally servicable for quick, inexpensive repairs
  • Three-way pilot valve for non-stick operation
  • Lube-free for increased sanitation

Rotatable stand for quick draining and easy servicing

  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • Quick release key
  • Decrease downtime
  • Available on HS models 1590, 2150, & 3250

Tri-clamp and DIN connections for easy cleaning, sanitization, and service. 

Single piece manifold reduces clamps and areas for food or bacteria to hide. 

Leak detector available.

Saniforce Pump Tools

Pump Selector

Pump Selector

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Chemical Compatibility Guide

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Use this tool as a general guideline for pump selection.

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