Precision Gear Metering And Dispense System (PGM)

Precision Gear Metering and Dispense Systems provide precise metering control for single-component bead, ribbon or extrusion applications. Using gear metering technology, programmable servo motor controls and an optional integrated heat package, the PGM delivers smooth, consistent bead dispense every time. Precision dispense combined with high flow rates – even with high viscosity materials – means you can dramatically improve production rates and ROI within your operation.

Exceptional Material Control

  • Gear meters are used to control bead dispense
  • Precise starting and stopping, minimizing “stringers” and “snakeheads”
  • Precision dispense means less wasted material and savings on material costs

Operator-Friendly Touch-Screen Controls

  • Touch-screen controls are easy to use, easy to integrate
  • Integrated self-diagnostics and serviceable design make service quick and easy

Machine-Mountable Design

  • PGM can be mounted at the point of dispense for an extremely accurate dispense
  • Provides high flow rates

Optimal Flow Rates

  • Handles a range of materials:
    • Ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials to 400°F (204°C
    • Low to high-viscosity materials
    • Unlimited volume
  • Up to 600 cc/min for ambient materials
  • Up to 300 cc/min for high viscosity hot melt materials

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