Sealant Applicators & Dispense Valves

Graco offers a broad line of precision applicators and dispense valves engineered to provide accurate and repeatable shot and bead dispensing of sealants and adhesives. Engineered to increase production time and maximize production efficiencies, Graco applicators and dispense valves are a smart investment for the future of your business. With proven technology that is easy to operate and service, you can be confident your investment will improve your productivity.

Proven Technology to Improve Your Productivity

Repeatable Precision

Increase Your Confidence & Production Time

Simplified Maintenance for Improved Uptime

Graco applicators and dispense valves are engineered to minimize ongoing maintenance while maximizing dispense time. Simple product designs with fewer parts streamline service for minimal downtime.

Reduced Training Time

Many of the Graco applicators and dispense valves use the Graco Control Architecture to help standardize functionality across your plant – reducing training time and increasing operator efficiency and productivity.

Custom Solutions Available

For applications with unique requirements and challenges, our expertise and experience can help deliver solutions never before considered. Let our expert engineers help you determine the best solution for your specific application needs.

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Maximize production and material performance with our complete range of 1K Ultra-Lite Applicator & Dispense Valves from Graco. These lightweight valves were designed for durability and long service life for a multitude of bead dispense applications.


Air-operated dispense valves used for sealant and adhesive materials. Graco EnDure valves offer exceptional reliability for high-pressure, high flow sealant and adhesive dispensing. Precise flow control which yields excellent bead geometry, trust our EnDure valves.


The InvisiPac Hot Melt Adhesive Applicators offer you a hassle-free operation with improved uptime. They have an innovative free-flow manifold design and integrated applicator filtering system which eliminates nozzle plugs.


The MD2 Dispense Valve was designed to accurately dispense and mix plural-component sealants and adhesives.

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