ProMix PD: a closer look at the mixing process

What sets the Graco ProMix PD’s mixing process apart from its competitors?

Mixing components is a crucial step in the industrial paint spraying process. It is essential that the mixing ratio is accurate to avoid costly errors. To this end, the ProMix PD works with a dosing cylinder pump system that guarantees a mixing ratio accuracy within 1%.


How does it work?

Electronic proportioning systems such as the ProMix PD use special computer software and other electronics to control the flow of each component. The dosing cylinder pumps measure the exact amount of a certain component and pump it through the system. At the mix manifold, the components come together in a perfect blend to be sprayed via a manual or automatic applicator.


Why is the ProMix PD’s mixing process unique?

The ProMix PD’s impeccable reputation rests primarily on its pump system and its revolutionary mixing process: the mixing point is as close as possible to the applicator, which yields many benefits in terms of efficiency and reduction of waste. The mixing process is carried out in two ways:

  • mix-at-the-wall system, used for both automatic and manual setups, offers more flexibility in terms of colour changes and waste reduction. 
  • mix-at-the-belt system, used only for manual configurations, gives operators more autonomy to move around and work in larger spaces.

Besides this flexibility, the system also provides the option to preset multiple mixing recipes for maximum efficiency.


What are the main benefits of the ProMix PD’s mixing process?

Mixing components with the ProMix PD allows you to take advantage of these exclusive benefits:

  • Full control
    With Graco’s ProMix PD system, you can be in full control of the mixing process. Preset up to 60 paint routines involving different colours, mixing ratios, flow rates etc. The advanced display module allows you to monitor the mixing process, track pot life for several components and intervene if necessary.
  • Efficient and easy mixing process
    Make your life easier with up to 60 preset recipes for plural-component mixing. As the components are only mixed close to the applicator, the time required for flushing is drastically reduced and material waste is minimised.
  • Unmatched accuracy
    The ProMix PD’s dosing cylinder pumps are not sensitive to wear and prevent material slippage and packing altogether. This leads to an unmatched mixing ratio accuracy within 1%.
  • Increased productivity
    A decreased flush zone guarantees efficient flushing and faster colour changes, leading to increased throughput and boosting your productivity.


In conclusion, the ProMix PD’s revolutionary mixing process combines unbeatable mixing accuracy with increased productivity and efficiency. It allows you to control the process from A to Z and achieve a flawless result.



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