Graco Low Pressure Tips

RAC X LP and FF LP SwitchTips

Expanded Family of Low Pressure Spray Tips

Building on the overwhelming success of the Fine Finish Low Pressure FF LP Tip, and its significant low pressure benefits for contractors worldwide, Graco introduces NEW LP TIPS FOR LARGE SURFACE AND HIGH PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS leading the industry with the world's largest offering of low pressure tips.

RAC X FF LP SwitchTip

RAC X LP SwitchTip

Now available in 46 LOW PRESSURE TIP SIZES from a size 108 all the way to a size 731 to handle the widest range of jobs from Fine Finish to High Production applications

Fine Finish


High Production

SmartTip Technology

Graco's extended range of RAC X Low Pressure SwitchTips feature the patented SmartTip Technology with exclusive internal tip geometry to deliver the industry's best finish at low airless spray pressure.

  • Sprays at up to 50% lower pressure
  • Less overspray
  • Easiest pattern overlap
  • Reduces prep and cleanup
  • Up to twice the life

See The Difference

Latex Paint at Half the Typical Pressure

Spray pattern with a Graco LP tip Graco LP Tips Produce a Superior Finish
Spray pattern with tails Other Tips Produce Tails at Same Pressure

SmartTip Technology is designed to work with Graco's exclusive SmartControl Pressure Management System to deliver a superior spray fan without pressure fluctuations - at all spraying pressures.

Pressure Control label For Maximum Benefits Set Pressure to Low Pressure Green Zone


Introduction to RAC X Low Pressure Tips

More Sizes

Low Pressure Solutions for Every Job

Now available in 46 Low Pressure tip sizes supporting the widest range of applications, from detailed trim work to large surface and high production applications.

FFLP312 Tip
RAC X FF LP SwitchTip
FF LP Tip Chart
LP523 Tip
RAC X LP SwitchTip
LP Tip Chart

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