Matrix Obsolescence

Graco® redesigned the Matrix Total Fluid Management System – based on thousands of hours of testing and customer feedback – transforming it into Pulse Fluid Management which launched in 2018 and supports over 1,000 dealerships and service shops across the globe.


Now more than ever before, customers can know precisely – the type of fluid, how much is used, where it goes, when it’s dispensed and who’s performing the work. This level of detail provides the insight to strategically simplify operations and uncover additional profits. 

Important Dates

July 31, 2023: Matrix Basic, Premiere and Professional software support ends.

Matrix is fully functional with Windows® 10 operating system. Any changes or updates you make to your Windows operating system after this date will not be supported by Graco and may impact functionality of your Matrix system. 

January 31, 2025: Matrix Hardware support ends.

With the release of Pulse in 2018, Matrix components will no longer be stocked and available starting January 31, 2025. This means our inventory is limited to the parts we have on hand. We have done our best to ensure stock will not run out before this date, but cannot guarantee availability through this date. 

December 31, 2025: Matrix DMS integration support ends.

If any of our DMS partners change software requirements that impact your integration, Graco will not support software updates to maintain integration access after this date.

Why upgrade your Matrix system to Pulse?

The advantages of converting your Matrix system to Pulse is endless – more capabilities, increased reporting, better notifications, greater access and control, and completely wireless! Below highlights a few off the bigger changes that were made. Learn more here.

SOLUTION Matrix Pulse® Pulse® Advantage
Hub Device Software is deployed on Windows® to gain access to Matrix software. Simply connect the Pulse Hub directly to your local network.
    No PC, no Transceiver, no software installations, no Windows updates, firewalls or security concerns.
Easier to setup and use, the self-contained Pulse Hub includes wireless receivers and software, so users can access monitoring and reporting tools from any network-connected device – including a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Extenders Wired to Matrix server. Special cable or client PC required for larger installations. Just add a Pulse Extender to maintain signal with the Hub. For secondary buildings, the Remote Extender can use the shop’s LAN to maintain signal. Use Pulse in larger shops, even in multiple buildings, without the added expense and hassle of hardwired connections.
Software Updates Manual process to update each PC with Matrix software. Pulse automatically checks for updates. Users receive alerts when updates are available. Users no longer have to search for updates. They can install them quickly and easily without technical support.
Flow Rate Standard-flow meter rated to 5 gpm. High-flow meter rated to 14 gpm. Standard-flow meter rated to 8 gpm. High-flow meter rated to 18 gpm. Improved flow rate for low- or high-flow applications, enabling shops to accept more types of jobs and improve profitability.
Reporting Manual reports for history and automatic reports for tank level. More dispense, volume and consolidated usage reports and charts. Easy to understand, and all reports are available automatically. Charting capability and enhanced reporting gives stakeholders more details to make more informed decisions.
Alerts Available only for a subset of alert conditions. Customizable to share specific information with select audiences via email or software notifications. Ensure stakeholders have critical information quickly to take proactive action and make informed decisions.

Matrix Support

To better serve our customers we have added additional resources to You can also schedule an appointment to talk with our technical assistance team if you need additional help.

As always, we appreciate your business and loyalty to Graco. If you have additional questions about Pulse or want to request a demo, please contact a local sales representative through the link below.