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Pulse Pro and Pulse FC are built on the same core technologies and leverage smart meters. Both provide accurate, reliable fluid dispense accountability for a wide range of customers and applications. Both offer fast, cost-efficient and convenient wire-free installation and operation. Pulse FC is the base system. It can be upgraded to Pulse Pro with the addition of the Pulse Hub for DMS integration, automated work order pairing and comprehensive, customized reporting tools that can be shared quickly, even on personal mobile devices and Pulse Pro meter bezel.


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Discover the Differences


FEATURE Traditional Box Pulse FC Pulse Pro Pulse Asset
Control. Regulate the amount of fluid that's dispensed to reduce spillage and waste.
Allow control of dispenses
Restrict the quantity of fluid
Ensure correct amount of fluid
Meters. Put control into the hands of your technicians so they can be more productive, accurate, and accountable. 
Works with petroleum, synthetic based oils, antifreeze
Works with windshield wiper solvent  
Meter displays quantity dispensed  
Fluid measured at dispense point (highly accurate)  
Record dispenses offline, then sync to the HUB when connected      
Installation. Seamless integration simplifies dispenses without compromising workflows or productivity. 
Works with oil bar
Wire-free installation  
Wireless communication    
Pump air control (PAC)  
Flexibility. Accommodate emerging demands to maintain or expand productivity and profitability. 
Works with mobile roll-around packages  
Easy expansion with additional fluids  
Easy upgrade to comprehensive fluid management   NA NA
User Interface. Access the information necessary to make more informed decisions quickly. 
Simple PC-based software      
No software to install (Web-based)    
Accessible from any PC, phone or tablet    
Fluid Management. Improve accountability for your entire operations. 
Track dispenses by invoice, work order or asset    
Track dispenses by technician    
Record fluid type and quantity    
Keeps technician in service bay      
Fluid Inventory. Simplify how you re-order and store inventory to minimize delays. 
Monitor tank levels (TLM)    
Dealer Management Solution (DMS) integration    
Reporting. Capture critical information and insights to simplify decision-making. 
Print on dispense    
Automated customizable reports    
Automated alerts to simplify inventory tasks    
Software updates  
Permanent record of all dispenses    






Pair with mobile dispense units and drums quickly so your team can conveniently dispense without delays, hassles or extra steps.



Add Pulse into almost any environment quickly, even retrofit applications and avoid excessive installation costs and delays. You can also easily upgrade from Pulse FC to Pulse Pro.



Track issues to the source via advanced technology, including automated alerts and customizable reports.



Avoid surprises, interruptions and delays. Fluids are tracked and recorded instantly and automatically, so technicians can spend more time in the service bay - serving more customers.



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