Chemical Injection Systems

Meeting Challenges of Transferring Chemicals in Harsh Conditions

To meet the ongoing challenges of transferring chemicals in harsh and often remote geographies, Graco offers a new product line of solar-powered, electrically operated, and pneumatically operated chemical injection pump and systems for the Oil & Natural Gas market.


  • Attention to design and materials used in the products will yield years of production life
  • Pumps are able to empty numerous bulk chemical and drums for years without failure
  • Pumps are available in solar operated, electrically operated and pneumatically operated platforms
  • Solar platform packages run off energy from the sun with no harmful exhaust of gases to the atmosphere
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Build Your Solar Chemical Injection System

Step 1: Pump Size Select based on pressure and flow requirements

  • Pressure: 0-10,000 psi (689 bar, 68.9 MPa)
  • Flow*: 0-40 gpd (151.4 lpd)
*Flows above 40 gpd require multiple solar panels and batteries.

Step 2: Injection Rate Controller Select based on control requirements

  • Harrier LT: Basic time based control
  • Harrier: Time and cycle based control with auxiliary switch
  • Harrier+: Adaptive flow assurance with cellular connectivity for monitoring and control

Step 3: Power System Select based on pump demands and location

  • 50W Solar Panel
  • 90W Solar Panel
  • 150W Solar Panel
  • Lead acid, 96Ah
  • Premium AGM, 105Ah
(Recommended for extreme temperatures)

Step 4: Chemical Compatibility Select seal type based on chemical handling requirements

  • HNBR
  • FKM
  • FFKM

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