Graco Inc.

New TrueCoat Pro II Sprayers  Handheld Airless Sprayers

Introducing the new TrueCoat Pro II handheld airless paint sprayers - the second generation in ProSpray Technology. Available in cordless or electric models - the choice is yours.

Join the thousands of paint contractors who have discovered that a Graco handheld paint sprayer is part of their “must have” tools.

  • Eliminate material waste by avoiding wetting out your big rig and hose to do those small jobs
  • Save labor by eliminating set-up/clean-up time of using your big sprayer
  • Save labor by increasing your speed up to 10 times faster versus doing small jobs with a brush or roller
  • Get the finish your customers demand with a professional airless spray finish

Features of the new TrueCoat Pro II handheld airless sprayers:

  • ProControl Pressure Control System – Achieve the best spray finish with thin and thick materials by simply adjusting the pressure
  • Pendulum Suction Tube Design – Full range of motion of spraying up and down without losing prime; just like a Graco Contractor gun
  • Fully Repairable – Ability to replace all parts of the sprayer with simple, modular components to extend the life of the sprayer