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ExactaBlend AGP

ExactaBlend AGP

Superior mixing and ratio assurance for the glass industry

Discover how ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner can improve your glass manufacturing operations:

  • Optimal mix for quality assurance
  • Easy to operate
  • Saves material waste
  • Reduces scrap and rework
  • Handles silicones, urethanes and polysulfides

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Greenlight AGP

Green light for ratio assurance

With ExactaBlend AGP, you get accurate, on-ratio mixing of sealants and adhesives. You can be sure that each ounce that's dispensed is properly mixed.

  • No more guesswork, no more human error on ratio mixing
  • Just one look at the system's green light and you know that your two-part material is being dispensed on ratio
  • Auto shutdown if off-ratio conditions occur
  • Optimal mixing means no soft spots and consistent curing
  • Ultimately reduces the chance of seal failure on insulating glass
  • Results in better quality end products


Real-time ratio assurance means less waste, more profits

The system monitors the flow rate of the base material and automatically adjusts the catalyst flow rate to achieve an on-ratio dispense. Because two-part materials are properly mixed, you save time, labor and material expenses.

  • Reduces wasted material
  • Reduces rework
  • Results in a healthier bottom line

Save money with the hassle-free MD2 Valve

  • Reduces the amount of base purge material needed to clean the mixer
  • Prevents damaging the applicator and hoses with cured material
  • Base purge is fast, clean and easy with the simple touch of a button
  • MD2 Valve: learn more

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Easy to operate digital controls

Take the guesswork out of setting the ratio with ExactaBlend's user display.

  • No mechanical linkages and rocker arms to adjust
  • Quick, easy setup - simply enter the ratio setting
  • Easy to change ratio settings later on

Thumb Drive

Quality assurance through data collection

Want to track your material consumption or know about your alarm events?

Graco's optional USB data download provides you with data collection for quality assurance. You verify that material was dispensed properly. 

Data you can track includes:

  • Date and time for shifts or operator
  • A & B material usage
  • Alarm events
  • Flow rate
  • Ratio percentages


Less material waste. Less rework. Less scrap. It all adds up to a better bottom line. 

Find out how much you can save with ExactaBlend AGP.

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