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Protect your business with genuine Graco parts


Why Genuine Graco?

Designed, tested and built for reliability

  • Graco's engineering team designs and specifies every part that goes into a product or system
  • Parts are tested and re-tested for performance, long life and durability

Each quality part is dependent on another

  • Graco equipment is designed as a unified system
  • Each part carefully selected for peak performance
  • When any system part is replaced with a lower quality, non-Graco part, the performance of the system is jeopardized

You've worked hard to build your business. Don't risk your reputation on non-Graco replacement parts. Protect your investment and your company's future with genuine Graco parts. Learn more

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Graco Oring

O-rings are just one example of Graco quality

After spending the same amount of time soaking in solvent, the Graco O-ring (left) still fits snugly, protecting the side seal, while the non-Graco O-ring (right) expanded in diameter and swelled in cross section.

"Using non-OEM parts in Graco equipment isn't worth it. We tried every possible O-ring out there until I finally said, 'Enough!' Now we only buy Graco O-rings and 99 percent of our gun problems are gone."

Jim Ahles, President, FoamRite, LLC
Almont, MI


Control your business with Graco InSite

Graco InSite transmits data from your Reactor via the local cellular network, where it is stored in the cloud. You can view the data on your smart phone, tablet or computer via the internet.

• Better fleet and crew management
• Better cost containment and forecasting
• Better customer service
• Better protection for your future

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Activate or install Graco InSite on your new or existing Reactor and try it FREE for up to six months! 

Xtreme Wrap Hose

Why it's important to use genuine Graco-manufactured heated hoses

Did you know that mixing Graco hoses with knock-off hoses can be a big risk? Here's why.

Reactor machine controls communicate with the fluid temperature sensors (FTS) inside the hose. This provides the proper electrical power to accurately and safely heat the hose. If you are using two types of hoses, depending on the hose into which the FTS is placed, you may have a very large difference in temperature between hoses – potentially putting your equipment at risk for damage and creating a possible safety issue for your crew.

Graco Reactor heated hoses are wrapped with a copper heating element at a precise pitch for accurate, uniform heating. Because knock-off hoses may not heat in the same way, you risk over- or under-heating your hoses.

Reactor heated hose offers features that help maintain proper fluid temperatures while you're spraying – ultimately giving you better material yield and performance. Learn more


Save time and money with genuine Graco

Hear one contractor's story or read the case study below to learn how the Fusion CS Gun actually doubled a contractor's productivity.


Keep these kits in your spray rig and eliminate unnecessary downtime

Improve uptime with convenient Graco Gun Parts Kits. You'll always have the proper wear parts on hand for your Fusion and Probler Guns. Kits contain everything you need to rebuild and repair your guns: side seal cartridges, mix chambers, O-rings, air caps, check valves, mesh filters, fluid valves and more.

  • Kits offer a 10% savings versus buying parts individually
  • Compartments are clearly labeled with part numbers, so you can see when you're running low on parts, making reordering a breez



24W849 Fusion AP Gun Parts Kit
24X573 Fusion CS Gun Parts Kit
24X572 Fusion MP Gun Parts Kit
24X574 Probler P2 Gun Parts Kit

"Knock-off O-rings swell up (in solvent)...also used a knock-off check valve and it took a 'face-full' of A-side." – Lance Heidebrink, Spray Foam Contractor




time saving chart

Save time with genuine Graco parts

Breaking down your gun every day so your cheap O-rings will last longer? That time adds up to some serious overhead. Ten minutes a day = 200 minutes per month That's 40 hours per year - an entire work week! Per gun!

But with genuine Graco parts, we recommend you break down your gun only once per week. That's just 40 minutes per month, or eight hours per year.

You can find a better way to spend four extra days per year, can't you?

"Using genuine Graco parts I've gone two months without rebuilding my Fusion AP." – Robert Vazquez, The Foam Guru










Get a closer look at Graco parts for Fusion and Probler guns

View Fusion AP Gun exploded view

View Fusion MP Gun exploded view

View Fusion CS Gun exploded view

View Probler P2 Gun exploded view

View GX-7 Gun exploded view

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