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Industry-leading solutions for FRP


You wouldn't head out on the open water with anything less than the strongest, most sea-worthy boat. For all the same reasons, you should be just as careful about selecting dispensing equipment for fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). 


  • Proven technological superiority.  
  • Quality parts and construction.
  • Exacting performance standards.  


Graco delivers these qualities whether you're spraying chop into a hull or gel coat on an automobile. Our products are simply the best, backed by our team of technicians and service staff who are committed to keeping you up and running. With Graco, you'll never feel adrift.

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Exclusive spray technology

Graco's patented Air Assist Containment (AAC) spray control technology reduces overspray and provides maximum transfer efficiency.

Formula X Top


Learn more about AAC technology

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Advanced features, easy operation


Learn why our Chop and Gel  Coat Systems can give you a more consistent spray pattern, monitor resin usage and provide time-saving, tool-free adjustments.

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Graco RS chop
and gel coat guns
are lightweight,
easy to use and
durable. Learn more.

Step 09 Quickchange

Graco's exclusive
switch-tip design
allows you to
change quickly
from impingement
to air-assisted
airless tip.

Find out why Graco RS guns are the industry standard.

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