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A whole new level of precision for drivetrain gasketing

  • Detect air bubbles and defects you couldn't see before
  • Track critical measurements, including entrapped air
  • Quickly and easily find a defect's root cause
  • Avoid expensive problems by responding sooner
  • Save millions: Contain warranty claims and recalls

The Graco PCF and Analyzer combination: Your ultimate system for accurate, reliable dispensing

The new Graco Dispense Analyzer is a monitoring system capable of detecting the tiniest air bubble or error during adhesive dispensing. Paired with the Graco Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) system, the Analyzer monitors your dispense in real time, detecting immediately if conditions are off and may potentially compromise your final product. With the ability to respond immediately, you can avoid defects that lead to costly recalls.

The Analyzer stores the signature of each dispense, giving you the ability to replay the data, even months or years after the actual dispense. Seeing the data replayed as if in real time, you can more easily pinpoint the root cause of the defect and contain a recall or warranty claim to only those products that were affected.

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Types of data captured

  • Air bubble detection
  • Pressure achieve and decay failures
  • Average, maximum and minimun pressure
  • Time of dispense
  • A variety of custom attributes

Powered by Sciemetric – Leading Technology in Process Monitoring

Since 1981, Sciemetric has been enabling some of the world’s leading automotive, off-highway, industrial and medical manufacturers to gain better control over manufacturing processes and quality control across their entire assembly line. Sciemetric’s breakthrough products for leak detection, press-fit monitoring noise, vibration, torque and data management have become critical components in manufacturing assembly lines worldwide.

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The Analyzer works with the Graco Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) Metering and Dispense System. Learn more about it here.

Learn more about the Graco Dispense Analyzer: Download the brochure.

To speak with a Graco representative, call 800-328-0211 or 330-491-4515.

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