Graco Inc.

InSite Privacy Policy


Graco InSite is remote reporting technology for Graco Reactor® proportioners.  Graco InSite is a collaboration between Graco Inc. and its affiliates (“Graco”) and 2-Track Solutions, LLC and its affiliates (“2-Track”), a developer of web-based equipment intelligence and location tracking.  Graco InSite is a subscription-based service.

If you consent when initially subscribing to Graco InSite service on, Graco and 2-Track collect certain personal information from you and collect data from your Reactor equipment.  Having access to personal information and to the Reactor data is necessary in order to manage and operate Graco InSite.     

Personal information includes your name, company, telephone number, email address, and credit card information.  Equipment data includes system type, actual and target temperatures, actual and target pressures, cycle counts, error and event codes, date and time readings and other machine diagnostic information. 

The information is collected for the purpose of providing trouble-shooting assistance and analysis, identifying the location of the equipment, conducting equipment use analyses, and other legitimate business purposes.

Graco will not share any of your personal information or equipment data with any other equipment end users, Graco distributors, material suppliers, trade organizations, homebuilders, or other third parties.   Graco will not sell any of your personal information or equipment data. 

More specifically, Graco uses the equipment data at a macro level to design and build better products that are suited to meet customers’ needs.  Through analysis of the data, Graco tries to better understand how customers use Graco Reactor equipment.  Graco tries to understand, for example, how long Graco equipment is used each day, the pressures and temperatures at which user’s operate the equipment, etc.  Access to this data is limited and controlled by Graco. 

In order for distributors, material suppliers, or Graco technical support to view and access specific customer data, the Graco InSite account owner must grant permission in their account settings.  The account owner can add or remove permissions at any time.

Graco sales employees may use the GPS location of your equipment to help facilitate end user field visits, i.e., to identify the specific machine of interest.  GPS location is only available when the equipment is in operation.  Graco may also use your contact information to keep you apprised of Graco news and any changes or updates to Graco InSite.

Graco is a global company, and as such, recipients of your personal information and equipment data may be located in the United States or elsewhere.  Your personal information and equipment data will be held only as long as is necessary to accomplish the purposes described above.  You may at any time view your personal information and equipment data, request additional information about the storage and processing of your personal information and equipment data, require any necessary amendments to your personal information, or refuse or withdraw the consents given without cost by contacting 2-Track in writing.  However, refusing or withdrawing your consent may affect the ability of Graco and 2-Track to deliver certain services to you.