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What Does It Take to Be the Hero?

With InvisiPac by your side, you can become a hero in your own right by eliminating downtime, eradicating employee safety issues, and saving up to 60% on overall glue costs. By aligning with the revolutionary InvisiPac Hot Melt System, plant managers across the globe are taking packaging line efficiencies into their own hands with impressive results. Are you ready to join forces with InvisiPac?

See yourself as the hero.

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Actual numbers from an InvisiPac install

An InvisiPac hot melt system replaced a competitive unit in a facility of one of the world's largest snack companies. Here are the results...

  • 63% reduction in glue consumption
  • Zero hot melt maintenance activities
  • Zero line stoppages related to the hot melt system
  • Faster startup: 50 min down to 10
InvisiPac vs. Nordson

Save the Day

Calculate Your Savings

Using data from actual plant conversions, our ROI calculator allows you to plug in your plant’s adhesive spend and demonstrate how InvisiPac can pay for itself within the first year with an unheard of internal rate of return.

How it works

Slide the buttons in the calculator to adjust the numbers and see how significant the savings* can be.

*Savings based on a 40% reduction in glue usage and a 60% reduction in spare and replacement parts.

InvisiPac ROI Calculator